Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, 81-451 Gdynia, Poland
+48 58 782 45 40 / +1 206 357-8481

About SolDevelo

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SolDevelo is a dynamically developing IT company from Poland.

We are great team of IT professionals with various interests and passions. Together, by combining ours skills, we are developing top-class projects on a global scale. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

Our key priorities are: customer satisfaction, effective cooperation to provide fully-fledged solutions, and the ability to immediately address any needs for a change. We make use of the best practices in the agile methods department, e.g. integration, test-driven development, and code quality analysis using metrics.

We would like to be someone our clients can always rely on, whom one can call or with whom one can hold a teleconference freely, without having to schedule conversations late in the night. We also want our clients to feel that they always can visit our office in order to meet with our employee in person.


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