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Integration event- Summer 2017

This year SolDevelo’s 8th birthday was a big party!

Taking the risk of being wet or frozen (regular part of Baltic Sea weather) we organized a huge barbecue on the Sopot Beach. Luckily, the weater was the biggest, but good surprise, so we could have gone crazy on powerboating vehicles, that we prepared as a main attraction for our employees and their closest ones.

There were many options to choose from, such as like driving water scooter, extreme fast cruise on Rigid Inflatable Boats or risky ride on treasonable inflatable Banana! Besides, we had for our using beach bolleyball court, rugby balls, soccer balls and so on…For over 4 hours, happy like a children, we used all the attractions.

There was so much fun! Smiles were on everybody’s faces. Sunbathers were so interested of our party like there was noone else between two molo – in Orłowo and Sopot. For proof we shared pictures with you…..

Yes, you can be jealous! 🙂


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